Scholarship Criteria

Objective: To provide High School graduates residing in Burlington Township a monetary award to further their education.

One time award:
Two $750 scholarships – one male and one female recipient
Two $250 scholarships – one male and one female recipient

(1) Applicant must be a resident of Burlington Township.
(2) Applicant must have a B average.
(3) Applicant must have participated in a Burlington Township organized sport for at least 3 years.
(4) Applicant must have participated in High School Clubs, organizations, other school related activities, or have performed volunteer activities supporting local/national organizations.
(5) Letters of reference from any three (3) of the following (one of which must be (a) (b) or (c):
     (a) HS Principal
     (b) HS Counselor
     (c) HS Teacher
     (d) HS Coach
     (e) BT Recreation or Travel Coach
     (f) Community Service Leader

Final Decision: In order to be considered for this scholarship, applicants must meet the criteria outlined above. The awards will be determined by the Board members of the Burlington Township Sports Club Foundation. All decisions are final. In the event that any personal conflicts may arise, those members in question may be replaced by the Chair of the Burlington Township Commissioners and/or a designee.

Deadline for submission is Friday, May 12, 2017. No applications received after the deadline will be considered.

Submit applications by mail to:
Burlington Township Sports Club Foundation
P.O. Box 1650
Burlington, NJ 08016.

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Submit scanned applications to: